All About Us

We are a caring and fun Pre-School run by highly qualified staff where children learn to approach the world with curiosity, resilience, adaptability and a strong sense of who they are.
Anyone passing through the centre of Ramsbury during term time will be welcomed by the chorus of young voices playing, learning and having fun! If you stop and take a look , you will see children working together building dens, risk-taking on the log trail or potion creating in the mud kitchen, while staff (usually down on the ground) support  learning and development through purposeful interactions.
Encouraging a Love of Learning

Exciting Activities

Providing a varied, interesting and engaging curriculum is something that as a Pre-School we take very seriously. We look outside of the box, beyond the EYFS curriculum, providing opportunities that not all children would have access to, experiences that complement the children’s interests and developmental needs, and are ultimately huge amounts of fun!


Each summer term, the rising 4’s participate in weekly tennis lessons with Ramsbury Tennis Club head coach, Lewis Fletcher and organised by Tennis Xperience UK. We recognise the health and mental benefits that physical activity have on young children as well as developing the core muscle groups and gross motor skills that underpin early writing and skills. After a walk to the club the children enjoy their picnic lunch on the field before either participating in the tennis lesson or taking on the outside learning challenge (nature hunt for items to create a face/letter from their name; working together to build a safe place for bugs away from the sports field…). The smiles on the children’s faces when they realise they can ‘splat the ball’ or hit the ball over the net is wonderful to see. All the time building confidence in their own abilities and an attitude of persevering even when things become a little tricky.


Children have a natural love for the world around them and a natural desire to want to find out more. Through songs, phrases and play based learning the children are introduced to the vibrant Spanish language led by Astrid Hall, one of our Early Years practitioners (who is also from Uruguay). Astrid makes the learning fun, enjoyable and very active. There is usually music and movement involved and children go home singing the repetitive and catchy songs to their families. As do the staff!


In the world when everything is fast paced and lives busy, having even a few moments to be still and quiet can be difficult to set aside, especially for young active children. At Ramsbury Pre-School we offer those children who are ready, some quiet, focused time led by a past parent and yoga teacher Claire Fisher. Claire, who has children herself, uses a child centred approach to explore and hold movements that support core strength and control whilst also encouraging the children to be quiet. Being quiet is not always an easy task for three year olds however Claire approaches this through a visual image approach and it is amazing to see a group of five 3 and 4 year olds enjoying the calmness that comes with yoga.

Forest School

We are fortunate to be based in the heart of some beautiful and accessible countryside. We make the most of the surroundings to incorporate outdoor learning throughout our planning and activities. Our own Two year old specialist Lisa is a qualified forest leader. We believe outdoor learning is really important:
  • It allows children to develop their understanding of the world they live in, to respect nature, the environment and the interdependence of humans, animals, plants, and lifecycles.
  • Learning that flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors makes the most efficient use of resources and builds on interests and enthusiasms.
  • Important skills that children develop during the preschool day such as building relationships, numbers or phonics can be adjusted to suit the outdoor environment in a far more natural way
  • It allows children to explore the physical side of their development, teaching risk assessment and promoting a healthier lifestyle in which exercise is something to be enjoyed rather than dreaded.

Daily Physical Challenge

We recognise that no matter how many potions you can create or dens you can build, every child needs a daily opportunity to challenge themselves physically. Therefore, every morning you may see (and definitely hear) the children bouncing off to the large field in the school to participate in their morning ‘Physical challenge’. This is an opportunity for all the children (and staff) to run, stretch, jump, climb, throw or balance whist also developing their core muscles which support early writing skills; increase confidence and self-esteem as well as starting to value the fun that comes with being active. As a Pre-School we have signed up to the mile a day challenge and although we may not achieve a full mile by the time the children leave the field they are energised ready to continue their learning indoors.

Our Setting

Set in a prime position, adjacent to the outstanding primary school. We make the very best of our well designed and purpose built building.  Free-flow between inside and outside space allows for children to follow their interests and to learn in their own individual way.

From small group work in our ‘quiet room’ to sensory exploration, to the preparation and eating of snacks in our ‘cafe’, every experience is a learning opportunity.

Outside, children bake and create in the mud kitchen, our challenge zone encourages risk-assessment and exploration, while our green roof and rainwater garden encourage a curiosity about the environment and how things work.

Inspiring – Nurturing – Experienced

Our Staff

We are led by qualified teachers, both the head and deputy have many  years of experience in schools and early years settings. We recognise the value that qualified Early Years specialists have in providing the best learning opportunities for children and therefore :

  • All staff are either qualified or studying for early years qualifications
  • The majority of staff are parents themselves and have first hand experience of the ups and downs that children bring!
  • Our qualified Forest School teacher leads outdoor learning
  • All staff are paediatric first aid trained
  • We have an annual training programme covering ‘Speech and language development’, Safeguarding, behaviour management, health and safety, food hygiene,

One of our key values is GROWTH, for both children and staff.  All our happy and motivated staff are learning and developing at any time and they are encouraged and supported in doing so. Staff regularly meet with and observe other professionals to share good practice, develop their own learning and reflect on how we can make the most of this in our own setting.

Part of the Community

Family Involvement

Belonging and involvement are two of the values at the core of what we do. We would not exist without the families and our community. Started 40years ago by parents as a playgroup, the Pre-School has evolved into what it is today, a progressive nurturing Early years setting. The community now has a state of the art, purpose built Pre-School for for the future. This could not have been possible without the funds raised by parents, carers, children and people from our community. Everyone is already involved and cares about what we do here.

Within that framework of community and involvement we are aware that at this stage of a child’s life we are here to work with and support families and not just the children.

Our sports days, nativity plays are special calendared events for parents to come along see what their children do and relax with staff and other families. We also run special parents workshops where parents come to learn about what happens at Pre-School.  This is a big area for us now we have our own space- we hope to be supporting families with all sorts of topics and activities outside of Pre-School will become part of what we do in our new space.


In addition to our staff, we have a Management Committee run by local volunteers (including many parents) who guide and support the PreSchool.

What this means it that throughout the time your child attends our Pre School you can be directly involved in how it runs. We are always keen for new members to join the Committee, but there are also other ways to get involved including our regular parent feedback sessions and fundraising events.

This special setup allows us to set our own standards and goals, and work in the best way possible for the children, their families and our local community.

Growth and Giving


We are a charity. This means we do not aim to generate profits and have as part of our commitment being accessible to all (inclusive). We keep our fees as low as possible because we are not a commercial enterprise. Our stakeholders are our staff and families. We plough what we have back into the facilities, staff development, equipment, activities and reductions in costs wherever we can.

Being a charity means we can apply for, and actively do, various grants and reductions in things that would cost us more- e.g. apply for charity discount on our rates. All savings go towards providing an incredibly high standard of Early years childcare at  affordable and value for money prices. Our charitable commitment means we have gone straight to offering 30 hours funding options for families who qualify.

We have raised all the money for a brand new Pre-School building we own through donations, events, and grant applications.